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Law Of Calculating Bars

Copper wire cutter area 2 mm
= The width of the copper bar × The thickness
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About High Steel For Copper Bars

High Steel For Copper Bars is one of the companies dealing in the trade of copper bars in all its sizes. Its products include copper bars, copper pipes, red copper pipes and panels. The company started its activities in 1975 in the field of scrap of all kinds including copper, .

The company worked in the field of copper scrap and red and yellow copper waste, and specialized in the field of red copper trade from pipes, plates, strips and bars until it started trading copper bars since 2007 and it is used as a basic element for the construction of electric panels so we care about purity of red copper bars as it is laboratory in lab Egyptian Metals.

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Why High Steal

There is no doubt that copper is one of the most important and valuable metals, where the most prominent materials connected to heat and electricity, if not the best of those conductors after the direct element of silver, which is the best conductor of electricity has been identified is using copper element of the first class for the sale of electrical tools and equipment ATS POWER FACTOR ( Copper pipes are used in the copper industry. Copper is a mixture of copper and zinc. Their ratio varies. It is also possible to add other components used in the manufacture of electrical equipment, generators and transmission cables because of its great resistance
  • All Products Are Subject To Analysis In All Approved Laboratories
  • Commitment To Delivery Times & Prices Announced According To The International Stock Exchange
  • Providing Shipping & Transportation Services for All Egypt`s Governorates.
  • Provide All Sizes Of Different Bars At Any Time (including special sizes)
  • Adhering To International Quality Standards (99.7%)
  • After - Sales Service
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